Posted by: nicodemomanifesto | October 18, 2009

Montreal Artist – Zilon

I think it’s important to be familiar with the artists from your city – and by artists I don’t only mean painters, but writers, directors, musicians, or whatever interests you the most personally. The reason for this is because the artists’ creative expression is a result of who they are, which their environment has an influence over. It’s interesting to see what part of Montreal life is found in their work, and how it is interpreted.


Vuiton Darling

One of my favorite Montreal artists is Zilon, a sinister and at times genuinly disturbing graffiti artist. I first stumbled upon his work a few years ago in the art gallery Yves Laroche, which seems to perpetually have his newest work on sale. I highly reccomend checking out this gallery – it’s located in Old Montreal and has some really interesting artwork. Go to the gallery’s website to get a feel for the style of art it houses. Most of the stuff is young and edgy, usually with a bit of a dark sense of humour.

I was immediately drawn to Zilon’s paintings, they creeped me out and intrigued me at the same time. He also has a very distinct style, so once you’ve seen a few of his pieces you can spot his work pretty easily. Even now, if you walk around Montreal enough, you’ll see some of his stuff (in public!). The current window display at Ogilvy’s (which runs until November 1st) features Zilon’s art. He was also commissioned to create some pieces for Diver/Cité, and there is a billboard with one of his paintings on it in the village. Zilon has expanded his art to the comic book world as well, he is the illustrator for the graphic novel Magnum 66.

Viva USA (The Porn Queen)

Viva USA (The Porn Queen)

What I think I like most about Zilon is the dangerous, chaotic and sexual side of humans he portrays in his art. It’s the part of humanity most people are uncomfortable discussing, yet it’s so prevelant and impossible to deny. Zilon’s message is beyond reason and rational thought, rather he submits to the overwhelming influence of our emotions, our primal instincts. This aspect of our human complex is mysterious and frightening, but unequivocally tempting.

Here are links to two of Zilon’s websites if you’re interested in seeing more of his work: Zilon Sonic, Zilon Ville Froide. Note: Zilon is also a musician, so turn up your volume when visiting his sites – the music is supposed to go along with the paintings.



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